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The Republican Party Hates Your Guts

January 05, 2021 Aaron Renn
The Aaron Renn Show
The Republican Party Hates Your Guts
Show Notes

Evangelical Protestants and socially conservative Catholics have been among the most loyal voting blocks for the Republican Party. The electoral base of the Republican Party is increasingly non-college educated, middle to working class whites.  Yet it does very little for either of these constituencies in terms of delivering on their policy preferences.

Instead, the Republican Party, its donor class, and its movement conservative intellectuals largely have their own set of preferences. These are not necessarily bad or nefarious preferences, but they are out of sync with the preferences of the voting base of the Republican Party. They utilize that voting base to achieve political power but predominantly for the purpose of implementing their own agenda.  Quite frequently, they actually betray their voters. A few even seem to hate the actual people who vote for their party.

This episode kicks off a series examining conservatism and the Republican Party, its history, and dynamics that  few Christians actually understand.

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